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Neo CO2 is a combinational item designed to supply natural CO2 from stabilized metabolism of bacteria into aquarium. CO2 is essential to grow beautiful, healthy plants.

Here is the solution to the problem confronted between dangerous high pressure co2 and inconvenient low pressure co2.

  • High pressure co2 is dangerous and expensive.
  • Low pressure co2 does not work well to grow aquatic plants.

CO2 is an essential item to grow beautiful aquatic plants.

Don’t worry anymore!
Neo CO2 is the alternative from now on.

Neo CO2 is a combinational item designed to supply natural co2 from stablized metabolism of a bacteria called Saccharomyces Cerevisae into aquarium.

What makes Neo CO2 different

1. Top-fermenting
2. Stabilization technology for bacteria and special culture medium
3. Reusable
4. Delicate accessories
5. Exclusive ceramic diffuser
6. Low maintenance cost

How to use

1. Put 300ml of warm water (40-50˚C) into the container.
2. After closing the cap, shake at least 100 times until thoroughly mixed.
3. Let it sit for 24 hours in room temperature, it turns into jelly.
4. Put in 1 container cap of Biorefill.
5. Put 200ml of warm water (40-50˚C).
6. Add the O ring and connect CO2 line to your diffuser, place it in the tank.
7. When the CO2 amount decreases at around 15-25 days depending on the temperature, start the resetting process, pour out the liquid part of the bottle (Keep the jelly and do not shake) and repeat steps 4-6.

After 2-3 resets (about 50 days) when the jelly is gone, use Neo refill (sold separately) and repeat steps 1-6.

Period time for use and Recommended aquarium :

Summer about 30days, Winter about 50days, Smaller than 60cm aquarium


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